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Welcome to Roskilde Museum
Roskilde Museum is the local historical museum for the municipalities of Roskilde, Frederikssund and Lejre. Roskilde Museum's exhibits and live communication challenge the visitor's senses and how we understand our cultural heritage through vivid storytelling. Nine exciting displays tell the story of Roskilde and its surroundings from antiquity to the present:
Roskilde Museum was established in 1929 and is today one of the largest local historical museums in Denmark. Roskilde Museum is a state approved museum and have the responsible for the collection, registration, preservation and study of the antiquities and collections for Roskilde, Frederikssund and Lejre municipality. The museum covers all periods of the history of Roskilde, Frederikssund and Lejre and is the local archaeological authority.
The museum is one of ten museums which is appointed by the Heritage Agency of Denmark to supervise protected sites and monuments. Roskilde Museum covers the supervision of central and west Sealand.

Roskilde Museum consists of nine visiting places, including Lejre Museum, Frederikssund Museum and the Museum of Roskilde Cathedral.
Roskilde Museum collaborates closely with all parts of the political and cultural life of Roskilde and Lejre and engages itself in various aspects of cultural development. Roskilde Museum collaborates closely with Roskilde University and Roskilde Cathedral, which is appointed as part of the UNESCO cultural heritage. 
Odin from Lejre - The only archaeological find from anywhere showing the God Odin sitting on his thrown, flanked by his two ravens, Hugin and Munin. The world famous find is displayed in The Main Exhibition, Roskilde.